Lupo Borgonovo, Leila El Rayes + Justine Youssef, George Haddad, Andrew Haining, Pilar Mata Dupont, Nikos Pantazopoulos, Yorgos Petrou, Joanna Piotrowska, Lisa Radford, Charlie Sofo, Curtis Talwst Santiago and Salote Tawale, occupy and echo ( a stage ), curated by Tom Polo, 28 November, 2019–8 February, 2020

pale wrists bash at baby born temples in monuments to medicine and we shriek and explode and fluff and melt our limbs into one another our limbs with one another until skin shed is pages from an important book ripped with one hand and peppered on a driveway a shared zone like they say where man beast wheel curtsy and dance around the inexplicable selfie extreme dragging dreams with lazy fingers down a screen to secure a state of trance a drapery some minimalist exclusion that finally finally finally is the one then quickly quickly isn’t the one but gosh you tried, babe.

—George Haddad


occupy and echo (a stage) presents the work of twelve artists across the two spaces and online platforms of ReadingRoom, Melbourne.

Within their projects, participating artists consider how space is activated and archived, and, imagined or made by the body.

Aligning the gallery space to the modes and gestures of a theatre and of staging, the exhibited works move between multiple exchanges and actions, to create a narrative that unfolds throughout the exhibition’s duration.

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occupy and echo (a stage), ReadingRoom, Melbourne, 28 November, 2019–8 February 2020



With thanks to all participating artists, Scott Lawrie, Margaret Moore, Phillida Reid, Andrew Judd, John Elammar, Rebekah Chozick, Grace Learner and Tim Hillier


Pilar Mata Dupont
appears courtesy of Moore Contemporary, Perth


Nikos Pantazopoulos
appears courtesy Kalli Rolfe Contemporary Art


Joanna Piotrowska
appears courtesy Southard Reid, London


Charlie Sofo
appears courtesy Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney


Curtis Talwst Santiago
appears courtesy Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York